Connemara Marble - a rare beautiful gem from the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland

    Connemara Marble - a rare beautiful gem from the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland

    Said Oscar Wilde of this place - "Connemara is a Savage Beauty". Bounded by the wild Atlantic, in one of the most westerly unspoilt, and remote areas of Ireland, the Connemara hills hide a unique and rare gem. Known as “Ireland’s gemstone”, the rich, vibrant, wildly patterned with bands of crystal serpentine, as green as the Emerald Isle, Connemara marble is timeless, and used since ancient times for decoration. 

    This beautiful marble, estimated to be over nine hundred years old, gets its range of green colour tones from the various natural elements only found in the limestone in this remote and rugged region on Ireland's Atlantic coast. 

    When the raw stone is extracted from the quarry, it shows only the palest shades of green. From the quarry, it is brought to marble factories where it is cut and polished by our master craftsmen who bring out the many shades of green and the distinctive marble pattern. The deeper the marble is quarried from, the darker the green will be.  How fitting for Ireland that one of its natural treasures is the only natural green marble known to exist!

    Each piece of our jewellery created using this treasured natural stone is totally unique as no two pieces of the famed marble are the same. 

    All our Connemara Marble is certified Authentic and supplied by Joyce marble quarries in the Beanna Beola mountain range of Connemara, Ireland.


    Our stunning Connemara Marble designs are inspired by the unspoilt, wild beauty of the west of Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way. This distinctive, glowing patterned green gem is at the heart of all our Connemara Marble designs.

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