Celebrate St Patrick's Day

Go green this St Patrick's Day! 

On 17 March we celebrate St Patricks Day, the feast day of our patron Saint. 

St Patricks Day is celebrated all over the world, but this year will be a little different. While we cannot gather on the streets of Ireland this year, the St Patricks festival are bringing the 2021 festival online. The Festival theme is Dúisigh Éire! Awaken Ireland! It is a clarion call to all our people across the world to throw off the long, dark months and rise to embrace the brighter days ahead. So now no matter where you are in the world you can join in with the celebrations.

It is tradition on St Patrick's Day to wear shamrocks and the colour green. The shamrock is an instantly recognisable emblem of Ireland and the tiny delicate petals and vibrant green colour are the inspiration for some of our most treasured pieces.

Why not celebrate your Irish heritage this St Patrick’s Day with one of our beautiful sterling silver shamrock pendants or add a bit of sparkle with our green cubic zirconia shamrock ring.


We’ve put together some of our favourite Irish shamrock jewellery so you can go green this St Patricks Day!

Sterling Silver & Enamel Shamrock Pendant
Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Shamrock ring   
Sterling Silver & Green Crystal Shamrock Pendant

The History of the Shamrock

In ancient times, a tiny three-leafed plant bloomed far and wide and laid a carpet of green all over the limestone hills of Ireland. The Druids knew the Shamrock has mystical powers. To them its three leaves were a natural sign of a sacred number. This little plant was even said to warn of an approaching storm by turning up its leaves. According to legend, St Patrick himself plucked a Shamrock from the ground to explain his belief in the Trinity. They say this helped convert the Irish people to Christianity.

Many believed that wearing this little sprig of green would keep them from harm. Over the centuries that have elapsed since then, the Shamrock has become an instantly recognisable emblem of the Emerald Isle. The shamrock is cherished by Irish people everywhere and is worn by all nationalities around the world on Saint Patrick’s Day. 

The legend of the Shamrock lives on today in our quality Irish craftsmanship. Inspired by ancient Celtic traditions and expertly created in Ireland, our exquisite award winning jewellery reflects our country’s rich cultural heritage.

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