Irish Hallmarks

All our sterling silver and gold jewellery is hallmarked by the Assay office in Dublin castle. The Dublin Assay Office is one of the oldest Assay offices in the world.

It was founded in 1637 to ensure only the purist quality gold and silver was used in the crafting of jewellery throughout all of Ireland. 

Still located today in the grounds of Dublin Castle, every piece of our Irish fine jewellery continues to be hallmarked in the traditional way by the assay office as a symbol of quality and reliability. 

An item’s hallmark signifies that it has been tested by an independent body and guarantees that the metal is of one the legal standards of fineness or purity. A hallmark shows exactly what the item is made up of, for example a 14K Gold hallmark will be stamped 14 for 14 karat and the number 585 means it contains 58.5% pure gold, the other 41.5% will be made up of other alloys and precious metals. 

When you purchase any piece of Solvar silver or gold jewellery you can be assured of it's guaranteed quality.

Types of Irish Hallmarks