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Discover everything you need to know about St Brigid's Cross meaning and our St Brigid's Cross jewellery 

A powerful Irish religious symbol worn to protect heart and home, it does not get much more beautiful and magical than St Brigid’s Cross Jewellery. Whether you are looking to add to your own jewellery collection or you are seeking a special gift for someone else, a St Brigid’s Cross necklace or another piece of jewellery will be a stunning and special choice. In Ireland, we celebrate the feast day of St Brigid on the 1st February.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about St Brigid’s Cross Jewellery and the meaning behind it.

Connemara marble St Brigids Cross necklace on green marble

The tradition and meaning of St Brigid’s Cross

Before we tell you more about some of the amazing St Brigid’s Cross jewellery pieces we have for sale, such as our St Brigid’s Cross necklace range, we need to explain the tradition and meaning behind St Brigid’s Cross. Also known as Mary of the Gawl, St Brigid is a patroness and abbess of Ireland. She is also the founder of the first Irish monastery, which is located in County Kildare. Born in 450 AD in Dundalk, St Brigid is regarded as the creator of this unique cross, which features her name. The cross is typically hand-created using rushes, yet straw is also used on occasion. Of course, we have decided to use precious metals and other majestic materials to create stunning jewellery pieces featuring St Brigid’s Cross.

The meaning behind St Brigid’s Cross is multi-layered. Not only is it an Irish Christian symbol, but it has plenty of other important meanings as well. It could have roots within the pagan sun wheel, which is supposed to bless the earth with life and fertility. Generally, though, St Brigid’s Cross is used for protecting your home and driving away hunger, fire, and evil. This makes it a beautiful piece to wear around your neck or to gift to someone else so that they will always be protected.


Shop with Solvar today for stunning St Brigid’s Cross Jewellery. If you want to purchase beautiful St Brigid’s Cross Jewellery, we have a great selection for you to choose from. We've selected our most popular St Brigid's cross necklaces below!

One trend that we have seen soaring in recent times is blending different metals together, and that is exactly what this two-tone diamond necklace does, featuring both white gold and yellow gold, with a sparkling diamond in the middle. Stunning!
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If you’re looking for something more affordable but just as beautiful, the Connemara Marble St Brigid’s Cross Necklace is a unique and striking choice. The green marble inclusion really makes this necklace one of a kind!   
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If you would prefer to keep it simple and classic, this Silver St Brigid’s Cross Pendant never fails. It is also an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase for a loved one and you are not quite sure what style of jewellery they wear.

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