The Tree of Life

    tree of life gold necklace

    Our Celtic Tree of Life jewellery collection is inspired by the popular Tree of Life symbol, the Irish Trinity Knot and other traditional Irish design elements. The Irish Tree of Life is a symbol of family and Celtic heritage, representing balance and harmony by connecting heaven, earth, and the underworld. This meaningful symbol has been preserved for many centuries in Ireland.
    Solvar Celtic Tree of life designs are deeply influenced by nature - curving branches, deep roots and a strong trunk make the perfect silhouette for all our pieces. Incorporating Connemara marble makes each of our Tree of Life earrings and necklaces genuinely unique.
    Our beautiful Celtic Tree of Life jewellery is available in sterling silver and gold. We’ve embellished many of our Tree of Life earrings and necklaces with emeralds or green crystals to add an extra touch of Ireland to each piece of jewellery.
    Many of our Tree of Life necklaces have matching earrings which makes a perfect present to celebrate a significant day for your family with an Irish touch!
    Learn more about the Irish Tree of Life symbol here.